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December 1, 2014
Telesta Therapeutics Announces Key Clinical & Corporate Updates

November 25, 2014


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Our Vision

Bioniche Life Sciences will make a difference in the quality of life.
Our strength is innovation.
Our commitment is to improving the quality of life.

We will accomplish our vision by:

  • A relentless dedication to investigating innovative ideas and processes that will enable our research and development teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes.
  • Attracting and retaining the best-of-the-best, skilled and competent people.
  • Communicating with our customers and stakeholders frequently in a relevant, straightforward, simple and clear manner, so as to provide insight, clarity and value.
  • Leveraging our unique integration and connectivity of knowledge, people, innovative technology and commercialization.
  • Living our core values.

Core Values

Integrity is the foundation for building our credibility and reputation. It permeates our policies, communications and activities.

Ethics are at the core of our being and responsibility. They are essential to our day-to-day decisions, the commitments we make, and the quality of our products.

Loyalty based on mutual respect and a shared vision is an important ingredient in our efforts to achieve; essential relationships with all of our clients, partners and stakeholders; and in the development of quality, productive teams.

Compassion for our work and the lives that we are trying to improve and save becomes an important component of the organization. It is held by all employee regardless of their duties and responsibilities.

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