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December 1, 2014
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November 25, 2014


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Hy Isenbaum Award

Hy Isenbaum, Former Chair, Board of Directors

Mr. Hy Isenbaum was Chair of the Board of Directors of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. from 1999 until 2008. He became Chair when Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. was formed through an amalgamation of Bioniche Inc., Renaissance Life Sciences Inc., and Vetrepharm Animal Health Inc.

Mr. Isenbaum was a Fellow Chartered Accountant and the founder of the firm Soberman, Isenbaum and Colomby. As the Managing Partner, a position he held until 1993, he built his firm to be the 15th largest accounting practice in Canada. He was a Chairman of the Board and Chairman Emeritus of the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He was appointed by the Ontario Ministry of Health as Ombudsman to the Medical Review Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. He served on the Board of Directors of the Samuel Lumenfeld Research Institute in Toronto and was instrumental in the establishment of the Institute. Mr. Isenbaum was also a Governor of the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel and sat on the Boards of a number of private and public companies.

In his role with the Bioniche Board of Directors, Mr. Isenbaum contributed financial expertise and vigilance regarding the Company’s financial dealings. Additionally, he provided a high level, conservative, ethical tone that permeates the Company today in all departments, including accounting, marketing, regulatory affairs, and product development, as well as the overall conduct of the business.

The Hy Isenbaum Award
In honour of Mr. Isenbaum’s extensive contributions to Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., the “Hy Isenbaum Award” was created in 2008. It will be presented annually to the Bioniche employee who best epitomizes the Bioniche spirit. Employees who consistently exemplify the attributes of the company spirit, values, beliefs and image attributes – whether at work or in the community – are eligible for this award and may be nominated by his/her peers.


2013 Recipient - Mital Shrivastava

Congratulations to the 2013 recipient of the Hy Isenbaum Award: Mital Shrivastava, Senior Product Specialist (Bulk Antigen) and BioSafety Officer, BLSI, Belleville.

2013 Recipient - Mital Shrivastava

Mital receives her Hy Isenbaum Award from Peggy Cunningham, Bioniche Board Member and Board representative on the Hy Isenbaum Award Selection Committee.

Mital joined Bioniche in November, 2007. She is the Senior Production Specialist for the Bulk Antigen Area and Vaccine Manufacturing Centre and is also our Biosafety Officer. In her job, Mital has been actively involved in the designing, commissioning and validation of the VMC, specifically the fermentors. As a Biosafety Officer, she looks after various biosafety-related matters, including training, risk assessment and mitigation, audits, and review of documents.

Before joining Bioniche, Mital worked in the biopharma industry in India. Upon earning her PhD, she joined Span Diagnostics where she was leading a project for the development of a PCR kit for TB detection. Thereafter, she joined Claris Lifesciences, where she was part of a team developing erythropoietin from recombinant DNA technology in cell culture.

Mital grew up in a city called Rajkot which is in Gujarat, India. It is also the largest city of an ancient civilization in India known as Kathiyawad peninsula. Mital is the oldest of three children. Her sister is married and lives in Pune, and her brother is an MBA graduate who is working in Rajkot.

When asked what Bioniche means to her, Mital says, “We came to Canada in June, 2007 and we moved to Belleville in November of the same year. At that time, we did not know anyone in Belleville. In the past 6 years, Belleville has become our home away from home and Bioniche has become our family in Canada.”

Here are some of Mital’s attributes, as outlined in her Hy Isenbaum Award nomination:

“Mital is the lead on all biosafety matters in Belleville and the in-house specialist on production scale fermentation. She literally works non-stop to accomplish production schedule goals. She has worked many times for 12-24+ hours to help the Department through difficulties.”

“Mital is very creative and innovative, but controls that urge within the confines of the required procedures. She has regularly created and/or adapted written procedures to be safer, more effective and more efficient.” “Mital sets a standard of conduct for the workplace at Bioniche. She has shown dogged determination in pushing problems and projects forward to completion.”

“Mital displays confidence in all her work and looks for input when needed. When there is an issue that needs a firm stance, Mital can be seen standing her ground and convincing others of her position’s appropriateness.”

“Mital always tries to do what is best for the employees’ safety, environmental safety and Company protection, especially as it relates to biosafety matters.”

“Mital is the epitome of flexibility. She will go to great lengths to accommodate changing needs, even at her own expense of time and energy.”

“Whether in attendance, or getting assignments done on time, juggling and managing of varied tasks and responsibilities is handled with poise and grace by Mital.”

Congratulations, Mital, on this well-deserved recognition from your colleagues.

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